ACS Primary Name Tag

Name tag delivery is estimated to be between 5 to 8 weeks.

The ACS Primary name tags are colour coded to each student cohort by year of entry, and the colours do not change as the cohort advances through the years from Primary 1 through Primary 6.

Please use your full name, including your given and family name. Please abbreviate longer names to fit into the 24 character limit.

Name tags take 5-8 weeks to process. (6-8 weeks for orders placed between Oct to Dec)

If your are purchasing this together with other products, you will have the option of grouping your order together in one shipment, or having the other products shipped first.

Delivery/pickup options for nametags only:

1. Mailed to your preferred address ($5.00). Some restrictions apply.
2. Collect at Bibi&Baba retail shop (Free).

Please Select Top For Sewing

ACS Pri Shirt (with sewing)